With years of knowledge and experience in every facet of sheetmetal component manufacture, we will be able to assist you at every stage of the process; from designing and prototyping through to production.


Using CAD/CAM systems we are able to assist customers when it comes to the design of their product. With the knowledge we have gained over the years we are able to offer design solutions that suits the technology we use to manufacture the product.

When it comes to design software we use an industry standard "Solidworks" We can simply import customers designs and assist them in modifying the parts for a more cost effective solution. Alternatively we can take an idea or concept and turn it into reality.

We use Trumpfs proprietary CAM software "ToPs" to programme all of our CNC equipment which ensures that our machines are fully optimised whilst in production.


It is our belief at REPLIKA that we have always been at the forefront when it has come to using the latest laser technology to cut products.

In the late 90’s, we were the first production jobbing shop in New Zealand to purchase a high power CO2 Laser cutting machine, the 4kW L3030 Trumpf, then again more recently in 2011; REPLIKA were the first production jobbing shop in Australasia to purchase the 3kW L5030 Trumpf Fibre Laser.

We also know that laser technology can be used for more than just cutting and etching and we are continually exploring its future potential.


Punching has always been at the heart of what REPLIKA do and we pride ourselves on our ability and knowledge to produce the best punched components in the market place.

The technology behind the TRUMPF punching machines is what puts us ahead of many. The ability to rotate any tool, whether its a standard shape or a form tool, to any angle, gives us the flexibility to produce very complex shapes.

The design of the punching head also allows for forming, meaning its not just limited to 2D parts. We are currently investigating retro-fitting our m/c's to use the roller technology which will further enhance what we can offer our customers.

Laser Welding

The great flexibility of the TruLaser Robot 5020 produces even small batches cost effectively.

The main components are laser devices with laser light cables, robots, processing optics, safety enclosure and component positioner.

This TRUMPF laser welding robot ensures the highest quality, speed & accuracy.

The laser beam welds by penetrating from above using heat conduction.
This eliminates accessibility problems even in very tight spots and small or narrow spaces.
The visible seam does not have to be reworked and has reproducible end seam quality.


Having the ability to laser cut and punch components to such high standards is pointless unless there is an ability to be able to fold to the same accuracy.

From the time when REPLIKA first purchased the Trumpf punching and laser machines, we recognised the need for our folding equipment to be able to match their performance.

From that time, we have ensured that the folding machines purchased meet that standard. We now have multiple machines from manually operated through to the latest 8 axes Trumpf machines and ranging from 30T to 130T. With that versatility, we have a machine suitable for any job.


For all your needs in MIG, TIG and Spot Welding we have the right equipment for the job; and more importantly a team of welders highly experienced in all forms of welding, materials and applications.

Primarily working on the fabrication of assemblies and sub-assemblies, our depth of experience results in quality welding that's highly efficient and cost effective for both low and high volume component manufacture.

Where welding is part of your requirement, we're in a position to deliver a consistent, high quality solution that's cost effective.


Finishing requirements come in many forms, from surface grinding to polishing to sub-assembly and even packaging. But while the need may come in many forms, the decision is usually driven by what's more economic for the customer.

Other typical examples of finishing work drilling and tapping, notching, linishing, fitting of fasteners, electroplating and powder coating.

But whatever your particular finishing needs, if its more cost effective or more convenient for us to do it, we'll make it happen and make your life just that little bit easier



Our purpose built facility is centrally located in the heart of Auckland's industrial area. Close to all main routes makes it an ideal location to service our customers whether based in Auckland or in other area's of the country.

With years of knowledge and experience in every facet of sheetmetal component manufacture, we will be able to assist you at every stage of the process.

Contact us now to see how we can help you design and manufacture high quality sheet metal components or assemblies.



It's fair to say that at REPLIKA, we believe that the intelligent use of technology is critical to providing an efficient and cost effective service. That's why you'll find leading edge technology being applied in our key disciplines of cutting, punching and folding. With a stable of world leading TRUMPF machines we're equipped for anything.


One of the 'unseen' advantages of state of the art machinery is that it permits thinking 'outside the square'. The flexibility and sheer capability of our CNC plant means we can re-evaluate the manufacturing process in ways not possible with older technology. This can often lead to a revised and simplified manufacturing process and a higher quality finished component. This is innovation with real pay-back for the customer.


Maximizing the use of technology and the opportunity for innovation, naturally depends on knowledge, skills and experience of people doing the work. And that's where we have another distinct advantage. Many of our team have been with the organization for over 10 years and for some more than 25 years. This has resulted in a close knit and cohesive team with an intimate understanding of the machines, the manufacturing process and the potential for doing things differently.